Summer Sports Registration

 Regular Registration Starts March 2 and ends on April 1. Registration Fees Registration Fee:  $30 for the first month of registration (3/ 1 to 4/1)Late Registration Fee:  $45 (After 4/1)Registration Fees do not cover State Fees, Travel or Lodging.   Swim: SportRegistration OpensFirst Practice Golf 3/2/2020 4/6/2020 @ WCC Swim 3/2/2020 6/2/2020 @ YMCA Bocce 3/2/2020 4/6/2020 @ WCC Kayaking 3/2/2020 6/15/2020 @ Lake Wax.

Kayaking on Lake Waxahachie

Learning the skills behind kayaking can take several years before working the way up to competition.  Each year we gather interested athletes together off the shore of Lake Waxahachie to learn the skills. 579