Quarterly Delegation Meeting (3/1/2020)

Annotated Agenda Welcome Introduction of Executive Committee & Committee Chair: Our newly formed executive committee, committee chairs and coaches were introduced. Check out the list of individuals who have committed to ECU! https://www.elliscountyunited.org/ecu-committee-coaches/ Meeting RotationsCommittee:   First Monday of Feb, May, Aug, NovDelegation: First Monday of March, June, Sept & Dec Committee Updates & Recruitment: Please review the committees and be prepared to sign up for one of them when you register for Summer Sports. It is the expectation for all families to support the delegation by serving on one of the following committees. Public RelationsChair: Pat MoriartyThe Public Relations Committee is responsible for supporting the marketing, social media, community relations, school outreach, YMCA Liaison, and Daymark Liaison.

Quarterly Delegation Meeting

We are so excited to have a GUEST SPEAKER coming to our quarterly delegation meeting on Monday night! Our guest speaker is Kimberly A Thompson who is an occupational therapist by day and a service animal expert by night. She will share her stories for successfully bringing a service dog into your family. Kimberly will also share the work that she does with search and rescue dogs and how you can be best prepared if the unthinkable happens! WOOF! We will also be sharing the following information:* Summer registration opens for Swim, Golf, Bocce & Kayaking* EXCITING unveiling of something brand new for ECU!* Details about a VERY FUN spring event in May!* Sign Up for ECU Committees to help us build a STRONG delegation.